As a child I looked forward to the first days of summer when the fireflies would decorate the trees like white Christmas lights. I was fascinated by how they appeared, to stop illuminating just in time to escape being caught by my tiny hands. Fireflies first appeared at twilight under the shadows of the birch tree in my parent's front yard. The tree peeled like an onion exposing clean layers of bark underneath. During the day I would turn over the rocks at the tree's base and watch the salamanders wiggle away.  Birch trees, salamanders, and fireflies soon became the subjects of many nature oriented research projects in school.

I started taking horseback-riding lessons early on. In between rides I would draw the lesson horse and give the artwork to my instructor to hang at the stables. I took to drawing horses with a passion. Since I couldn't have a horse of my own, I created an entire stable of horses drawing them in as many situations as often as possible.

These are some of my earliest and happiest memories of my budding interest in nature and art. Today I strive to combine these interests into my creations. I still find inspiration outside my own doorstep, but now able to go beyond the wonders of my yard, inspiration is everywhere.

Influenced by the Paleontologists and Wildlife Biologists I have worked for, my new muse is travel. I have since observed wildlife in their natural environment through independent fieldwork expeditions; ranging from Mongolia’s Steppe Land to the intertidal and subtidal zones of Appledore Shoals Isles’s. During these adventures; climbing, horseback- riding, kayaking, and scubadiving provided unique  perspectives and encounters with my subjects. I believe by experiencing all the nuances of the nature first hand, it reflects in my personal artwork’s accuracy and emotion.

While I find inspiration outside, I like to visit museums investigating the artistry of ancient cultures, and treasures of prehistory.  I also deeply admire the work of Rosa Bonheur, Albrecht Dürer, Walton Ford, Andy Goldsworthy, Childe Hassam, Winslow Homer, Gustav Klimt, Edward Lear, Sol Lewitt, Alfred Munnings, Maxfield Parish, Rein Poortvliet, Beatrix Potter, John Singer Sargent, Mori Sosen, George Stubbs, Leonardo Da Vinci, and James McNeill Whistler.   

I hope my art will help inspire others to take interest in animal welfare and wildlife conservation.